Poppins is the name of our first dog.  We named her this because in my younger days, I spend time performing the role of Mary Poppins and working for Disney.  Poppins LOVES puppies, even when they aren't her own.  She'll get in the whelping box to help our other dogs deliver, and she helps take care of their puppies when they will let her.  She wants allllllll the puppies and I know exactly how she feels! Turns out Poppins was the perfect name for our responsible little Puppy Nanny.  

Nature & Nurture

Responsible Breeding and the health of our dogs and puppies is a big deal to us.  Our breeding dogs are DNA tested for 170 health disorders to make sure we are doing all we can to produce healthy puppies.  Our dogs must have good hearts, eyes, hips, and patellas to be part of our breeding program.  We work closely with the premiere Canine Fertility Specialist in Utah to ensure positive breeding decisions by utlizing their expertise. All our breeding dogs are primarily PETS, and are not overbred.  Our mommy dogs love being mommies or we don't breed them again.  Every dog deserves to be part of a loving family where they get rich, varied experiences.  Many of our breeding dogs live in wonderful guardian homes where they are spoiled as beloved pets. 

All puppies are raised INSIDE our home with our family.  I post live videos daily so our home is transparent and you can be part of the daily lives of the puppies. We have areas built out specifically for puppy play areas where they have room to run, play, and develop their little minds and bodies even when the weather is inclement.  Puppies are raised in a bright, clean, attractive environment with the varied sounds, smells, and activities of a busy household. Our puppy areas are sanitized twice daily. 

Our Developmental Puppy Nursery...

We only have 8 weeks with these pups!  The first 8 weeks of a puppy's life is a critical period where responses to the world around them are formed.  We have had a lot of positive feedback about how easily our puppies respond to training and adjust to their new homes.   

We use the Puppy Culture method because we feel it produces happy, well-adjusted pets, and happy pet owners!  This method begins the 3rd day of life, and includes

1. Early Neurological Stimulation: A series of handling exercises proven to shape the brain's response to new stimuli. Designed to produce tolerant and relaxed pets. 

 2. By week 3 we begin potty training and working on manners like sitting or "manding" and "calm" when a human is present. Puppies are given gentle grooming each week like baths, nail clips, and blowdries to get them used to the process. 

3. Puppies are introduced to appropriately challenging experiences as they mature - like learning to climb out of their whelping pen themselves, or learning how to get to their food dish when there is a small barrier in the way. We encourage them every step of the way and give them lots of praise. These experiences are designed to help pups learn to problem solve, and to stay calm in new circumstances.  It trains their body and brain. Puppies interact with humans of all ages, and spend time with "nanny dogs" who help train them.  We provide them with novel experiences each day, like water or snow, car rides, new sounds, new configurations in the pet pen, ball pits, stairs, new toys, slides, etc.  And of course we give them lots and lots of snuggles and kisses so they learn that humans = love. 

We do update our website and instagram@poppins_puppies regularly.