Do you have any puppies available right now? 

Thank you so much for your interest. Our waitlist is approximately 8-12 months. Here is the process for getting added to the waiting list and bringing home a puppy. 

Where are you located? Do you deliver puppies out of state? 

We are located in Utah, near Salt Lake City. Most of our puppies go out of state. We can recommend a flight nanny, who will fly in cabin with your puppy to your local airport. The flight nanny usually charges $400-500 depending on location, and this includes the price of the roundtrip flight. I am also happy to meet you at the SLC airport with your puppy, or to welcome you to my home where the puppies are raised if you would like to fly or drive in to pick up your puppy. 

What is the difference between an F1 Cavapoo and an F1b Cavapoo? 

An F1 Cavapoo is bred from one Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parent, and one Poodle parent. The offspring is 50% Cavalier and 50% Poodle.  They shed very little, if at all, and have a fluffy coat of loose curls. Most report that these do not experience allergies with F1Cavapoos.  But if you have severe dog allergies, an F1b would be a better fit for you. 

An F1b Cavapoo is bred from one F1Cavapoo parent, and one Poodle parent.  The offspring is 25% Cavalier and 75% Poodle.  Better for those with severe allergies. 

Cavapoos are delightful, people loving little creatures. They are easy to train because of their intelligence and eagerness to please. They are bred to be mellow companions and will do just about anything to be right by you.  They aren't high anxiety or yappy. They make great apartment dogs because of their flexible exercise needs. They are happy with a short walk every day, and they can also work up to running several miles with you.  They are tolerant and good with kids.  I began as a breeder of purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  I've found that Cavapoos are easier to train and the no/low shedding coat is a benefit for many.  I have chosen my poodles carefully, to have temperaments that are friendly, good natured and more mellow, to compliment the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel's temperament when breeding Cavapoos. 

What is the full grown size of your puppies? 

On average, they are 12-ish pounds full grown.  Some are a little smaller, and some are a little bigger. There is no way to guarantee full grown size.  I will tell you the full grown size of the parents, and the full grown size of past puppies between the same parents (if they have had a previous litter). While most siblings stay around the same size, we have had litters where there was clearly a pup who was smaller/larger than the rest and remained that way into adulthood. 

How often do you breed your mommy dogs? 

This is a really important question to me, because I feel strongly that all dogs should be primarily PETS.  Our mommy dogs are only bred 3-4 times total, and then they are spayed.   We work with a board certified Canine Fertility Specialist Vet who guides all of our breeding choices.  Each mating is done under supervision of the specialist.  The specialist determines when the dog is ready to breed.  The latest research shows that skipping heat cycles between breedings is correlated with much higher prevalence of uterine and breast cancer in mommy dogs.  The goal is to put the dog through as few heat cycles as possible to keep the chance of cancer to a minimum.  If mommy dogs are healthy and have recovered from their last litter, they are bred on 3-4 consecutive heat cycles and then spayed.  Most of my mommies LOVE being moms.  Their puppies are their little playthings.  I have had a dog who just seemed overly stressed emotionally by the experience, so we didn't have her do more litters, and she is still living her best life in her main and most important role as a beloved pet with her guardian family. 

Where do your mommy dogs live? 

Each of our dogs has their own home with a human family, for life.  It breaks my heart to think of dogs being primarily "used" as breeding vehicles.  They need to be primarily PETS.  They shouldn't be sold after they are "retired" from breeding as if their purpose is over.  Their purpose is to be a lovely member of a family.  I place our future breeding dogs in local homes with families who are eager and committed to having a dog join their family for life.  When they are old enough, our mommy dogs come to my home while they deliver and raise their puppies under my supervision. Our home and family life is organized around the puppies. We have structured way to introduce them to the many experiences of being in a busy household and around other dogs.  We use Early Neurological Stimulation, the Puppy Culture method, the Rule of Sevens, the Misty Method, as well as our own procedures we have learned from raising this specific breed. 

Tell me about your health testing? Is there a health guarantee? 

Each of our parent dogs has a complete panel of DNA testing done.  This tests for 170+ diseases, and shows us if the dog is a recessive carrier of anything we need to be aware of when deciding on matings. The genetic panels also give us information about furnishings, coat types, color panels, and allows us to breed for heath first, and then looks.  There is a 2 year genetic health guarantee on all of our puppies. We are confident in this guarantee as we do so much testing before a breeding is even planned. Should something horrible happen and your dog develops genetic disease by age 2, we will either refund or provide you with a new puppy.  Our parent dogs are also physically tested for joints, hearts, and eyes to make sure they are going to pass good qualities along to their offspring. 

How much is the total cost of a puppy? How much is the deposit? Is the deposit refundable? 

All puppies are $4000.  We don't discrimate price based on gender or color. The deposit to join the waitlist is $500, and is not refundable. The deposit goes toward the total cost of the puppy. 

How can I see what happens on a daily basis with your puppies?  

Transparency is key when it comes to responsible breeding. I've seen puppy mills and they are absolutely heart breaking.  I do Live Stories daily on my instagram @poppins_puppies so you can watch the puppies grow.  By watching, you also get a healthy dose of a chaotic household with young children.  I don't try to edit this for you.  I'd rather you be confident that you are getting an actual glimpse of what happens each day with your puppies and see our mess and hear our noise.  Being in a household like ours is part of what makes our puppies good pets.  By the time they've left our house, they've been exposed to a multitude of sounds, smells, textures, other dogs, and have been handled by all ages of people and given as many new experiences as we can safely come up with for them. 

Do you de-worm and vaccinate?

Yes.  This is a no-brainer and the easiest part of responsible breeding. They are de-wormed every two weeks.  They are given their first set of vaccinations at 6 weeks.  They will need two more rounds of puppy vaccines at 9 weeks and at 12 weeks when they are in your care. Please don't expose your puppy to dogs who have not been vaccinated before they have had their complete set of puppy shots.  Even walking around a park where other dogs have been could harm them when they are not vaccinated, so stay on top of those shots, and protect them until then! 

Do you microchip? 

Yes. Every puppy is microchipped with AKC Reunite. I pre-pay for their lifetime registration so all new puppy owners have to do is go online and put in their information.  This is to ensure none of my puppies ever end up in a shelter. 

May I see some of your puppies as they grow? 

This is my guilty pleasure!  Getting to see my babies grow and to feel like I have little puppy-in-law families all over the country is amazing. Here are some of our former puppies who have their own instagram accounts: 


@lady_bird_the_cavapoo @lucathelioncub @poppy_kensington @barnabydandelion @posie.pup_ @luluthenycavapoo  @archie_the_cavapoo_la @dood_enzo  @cloverthecavapooboop @mila.the.cavapoo1 @go_kuma_go, @baileytheecavapoo, @rainbeau317, @lanilanibooboo


@artoo_dood, @tailsofcosmothedood, @Winnie.the.goldenpooh, @laszlothelazylad, @jefferson_the_smile_maker, @braziboy_thedood, @bradleycooperdoodle