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Poppins Puppy
Priority Session Updates

Hello Waitlisters,


You are now choosing which priority session you would like to join.  

Below, you'll be able to update your any changes to your preferences, and choose to have your puppy come home during the following Sessions:


Session A (Jan- Feb 2023)

Session B (Mar - Jun 2023)

Session C (Jul - Sept 2023)

Session D (Oct - Dec 2023)

Please carefully consider your selections below, as I make breeding decisions based on your timing and preferences. 

During which Session(s) can you bring a puppy home?)
Which Breed(s) are you interested in Adopting?
Full Grown Size of Puppy (size cannot be guaranteed)
Color Preference (select all that apply)

Mother Nature determines exact size, location, shape and pattern of markings. Since there is no such thing as Build-A-Bear for living creatures, the main goal should be choosing to adore a sweet, smart, funny, healthy, well raised puppy.  This I can give you!  We can usually get pretty close on the cosmetic factors you are envisioning.  For example, if you are on the waitlist for a red abstract puppy, you will be offered a red puppy with white markings.  However, very specific requests about placement, size, or shape of markings may not be possible. 

Thanks for submitting!

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