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The waitlist is currently closed, and will open again in June 2021.  If you applied, and have not received an email response from me, please check your spam folder. The typical wait time for a puppy is 1 year, though some color options have a shorter wait time. We are based in Utah, but most of our puppies go to out of state owners with a flight nanny. We also love when new owners fly in SLC to meet their new puppy. Find out more about the process of adoption. 

Our parent dogs are primarily PETS with a family of their own.  The thought of a dog being overbred and then "retired" as if their only purpose in life was to be a breeding vehicle is heartbreaking.  A board certified canine reproductive veterinary specialist supervises our breeding choices.  Find out more about our health screening and guardian program. 

Puppies are raised as family pets from birth.  They are active participants in our busy household with children. Each week has structured goals with developmentally appropriate activities, stimuli, and training.  We use the Puppy Culture method among others.  Read more about our Philosophies and Methodology. 

We specialize in breeding healthy, well adjusted Cavapoos, which are a mix between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. Occasionally, we breed micro-goldendoodes.  These sweet, tolerant, fluffy, low/no shed dogs are intelligent, easy to train, and love their humans.  Find out more about these smart, happy companion dogs.

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