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Welcome to Poppins Puppies

Hi!  I am Tara, and my family raises and toy/mini Cavapoos and Poodles in our home in Utah.  Please beware of scammers, as this is the only website for Poppins Puppies. The only social media platform I use is instagram @poppinspuppies. I don't have "partner breeders" also using the Poppins Puppies name. There are new websites and instagram accounts popping up every day, using photos of my children and puppies, trying to scam you out of money.  I will never ask for money from you for a puppy until we have spoken on the phone or facetimed, so you can make sure I match the person you are seeing on instagram.  My email is


I invite you to click around on this site as there is a lot of information, and lots of cute picture of our past puppies. Find out more About Us, or Our Breeds. We are passionate about Intentional, Ethical Breeding, and our Developmental Puppy Nursery

There are 11 steps to the Puppy Adoption Process.  If you would like to have a Poppins Puppy of your very own, you can submit an Application on June 1st, 2024.  Your application will be reviewed, and if it is accepted you will be placed on the Waitlist.  You can also sign up to be notified of our Possible Quick Puppy Adoption opportunities that occasionally become available. 

If you are curious about past litters or upcoming litters, feel free to browse photos of our adorable puppies.  I also provide expecting families with a list of Puppy Supplies and Training Tips to help them prepare for the arrival of their puppy. 

If you live in Utah, you might be eligible for our Guardian Program.  This is where we place puppies (who will be future parent dogs) with local families so they can live their lives as pets. 

If you have any questions after exploring our site and FAQ's, please don't hesitate to Contact Us. 

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