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Poppins Developmental Nursery

Through the years, we've had the delight of breeding and raising over 400 cavapoo puppies. 

We've developed our own special Poppins Method for raising this specific breed. We've had a lot of tries at perfecting what works best when raising Cavapoos. This has come with a lot of help from other methods as we've borrowed, combined and tweaked.  We thank Puppy Culture, BAB program, Misty Method, Rule of 7's, and our reproductive vet for lots of advice and discussions along the way.  

We have the puppies for the first 8 weeks of their lives. These are critical weeks, where their responses to the world around them are formed.  Our Building Blocks are: 


Early Neurological Stimulation: A series of handling exercises proven to shape the brain's response to new stimuli. Designed by the US Military to improve trainability, brain function, and produce tolerant and relaxed pets. Early Scent Introduction: Introducing a new scent every day to stimulate the brain. ENS/ESI are performed during days 3-16 of life.  As they grow, we transition into puppy massages, where we get them used to being touched in mouths, paws, ears, etc.  

Behavioral Training

By week 3 we begin potty training and working on manners like sitting or "manding" when a human is present. Puppies are given gentle grooming each week like baths, nail clips, and blowdries to get them used to the process. As they grow we work on things like bite inhibition, resource guarding, and crate training. 

Novel Experiences

Puppies are introduced to appropriately challenging 

experiences as they mature - like learning to climb out of their whelping pen themselves, or learning how to get to their food dish when there is a small barrier in the way.  Small slides, stairs, different textures to walk on. These experiences are designed to help pups learn to problem solve, and to stay calm in new circumstances.  It trains their body and brain. 



Puppies interact with humans of all ages, and spend time with "nanny dogs" who help train them.  We provide them with novel experiences each day, like a vacuum cleaner, music, water, car rides, new sounds, new configurations in the pet pen, ball pits, stairs, new toys, slides, people wearings hats, masks, etc. 

Poppins Puppies are raised with our family in our home. We have areas of our home built out specifically for puppy play areas where they have room to run, play, and develop their little minds and bodies even when the weather is inclement.  They are also incorporated into the the varied sounds, smells, and activities of a busy household with young children.  Each week has intentional goals with time and research proven methods.  Our puppy areas are cleaned and sanitized twice daily. We strive to provide the puppies and mommas with a bright, clean, attractive, loving and friendly environment. Our job is to teach fun appropriate ways to safely explore, react, and communicate with the world.  They may not remember us as they grow, but we hope they do remember how they were introduced to the world. 

 Most importantly, we want them to know that Humans = Love.  

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