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All of the puppies below have homes from those on our WAITLIST. If an adoption falls through for any reason, or more puppies are born in a litter than expected, I will post on our Quick Adoption page

I reserve the right to keep 1st pick of any litter (although I don't do so often) .  

Spring 2024 Litters

Puppies coming home April- June 2024 (Session B)

I will continue to add to this list as mommy dogs come into heat. Puppy photos are from previous pairings. 

Daphne & Toby

F1b Cavapoos

Red Abstract

8-13 lbs

Born Feb 3

Go Home: April 1-3

Millie & Banksy

F1 Cavapoos


12-18 lbs

Due Apr 9 

Go Home: June 4-6

Oreo & Red

F1 Cavapoos

Red, Phantom Tri

12-18 lbs

Due April 19

Go Home: June 14-16

Aug 2022-2172_edited.jpg
Aug 2022-2175_edited.jpg

Cora & Fozzie

F1b Cavapoos

Red, Red Abstract

8-10 lbs full grown

Due April 26

Go Home: June 23-25

Bella & Fozzie

F1b Cavapoos

Red, Red Abstract, Blenheim

8-15 lbs full grown

Due April 27

Go Home: June 24-26

Screen Shot 2023-08-31 at 12_edited_edit


Screen Shot 2024-02-29 at 8.22.14 PM.png