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Poppins Puppy

Thank you for your interest in joining the Poppins Family!  

I have met incredible human friends via these adorable and sweet puppies.  


This is the application to join our waitlist for puppies coming home during the following Sessions:

Session C (Jul - Sept 2023) - almost full

Session D (Oct - Dec 2023) - a few spots left

Session A (Jan-Mar 2024)  - just opened this session. 


Before you complete this application, please read through The Adoption Process. 

Our website provides a lot of additional information, which usually answers any questions you may have. Please reading through our FAQ's.


Our waitlist opens 4 times a year, and fills up quickly, as I try to underestimate the number of puppies to be born.  If there are "extra" puppies born in a session, you can sign up for notifications on our Quick Adoptions Page.

Please carefully consider your selections below, as your acceptance to the waitlist is based on these preferences, and cannot be changed once you join the waitlist. More flexibility with preferences makes it much easier to add you to the waitlist. Select multiple answers if they apply. 

For which Session(s) are you applying? Select all that apply
Which breed(s) are you interested in adopting? Select all that apply
What is your full grown size preference for your dog?
Which coloring (s) would you prefer? Select all that apply.

Mother Nature determines exact size, location, shape and pattern of markings. Since there is no such thing as Build-A-Bear for living creatures, the main goal should be choosing to adore a sweet, smart, funny, healthy, well raised puppy.  This I can give you!  We can usually get pretty close on the cosmetic factors you are envisioning.  For example, if you are on the waitlist for a red abstract puppy, you will be offered a red puppy with white markings.  However, very specific requests about placement, size, or shape of markings are an extra $1000.  

What happens next: After you click submit, I will review next week.  If approved, I will reach out to you to speak to you on the phone. I will then send you a contract and information for making deposit. 


Check your spam folder to make sure my emails are going to your inbox!  You should already have an email from me, 

saying that I received your application. 

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