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Quick Adoptions 

No quick adoptions available at this time. 

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What are Quick Adoptions?

While most of our puppies are reserved well in advance of their birth, occasionally a puppy will become available who is ready to go home quickly - within the next several weeks.  

This is due to a variety of reasons. For example:

  • Sometimes I hold back a puppy that I am considering adding to our breeding program.

  • Sometimes a family will have a timing emergency and not be able to bring the puppy home during their take-home dates.  

  • Sometimes more of a certain gender or color will be born and the waitlist doesn't match. 

If a puppy becomes available for any of these reasons, I will post them below. 

You don't already have to be a waitlist member to apply for a quick puppy adoption, but I will give priority to the waitlist, and waitlist order.

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