F1b Toy Cavapoos

Due Date: February 29th, 2020

Lexington is our 7 pound Cavapoo.  She is so mild mannered, tolerant, and sweet.  When people meet her the response is usually ohhhhhhh!!!!!

Diego is owned by another breeder.  I met him at the canine reproduction vet clinic a few weeks ago and I absolutely fell in love with him.  I felt honored to get to have him be the sire for Lexingtons litter. Diego is a purebred poodle with beautiful genetics, bite, body structure, and personality. Cavaliers are so sweet and mild and snuggly, so it's important when breeding cavapoos to use poodles who have this same sweet laid back friendly personality. 

1 - Amanda Paulsgrove

2 - Alexia Ortiz

3 - Melissa Wessel

4 - Jamie Camche


Mini Goldendoodles

Due Date: March 17th, 2020

We are THRILLED to announce that Mr. Rocky Ridge from Pawsitively Perfect Doodles and our sweet Miss Penelope will be having babies!  

Penelope is currently in heat, and we estimate these babies will be born on March 17th!!  Ohhhh boy.  I'm already thinking of St. Patrick's day names for these babies. Feel free to send me name ideas! Clover, Lucky, Gold, Rainbow, Patrick, Ireland . . . . 

Puppies will weigh approximately 15 pounds full grown.  They'll be red with white markings, and their coats will be non-shedding with the perfect loose curl. They'll be 25% golden retreiver and 75% poodle, which is the ideal ratio in goldendoodles for non-shedding coats. 

Ridge is a deep red and white Tuxedo goldendoodle.  He weighs 14 pounds, and is 25%golden, 75% poodle, and has a curly coat. He is sweet, smart, and eager to please.  His DNA testing show he is completely clear of genetic disorders, and is OFA certified for Hips, Elbows, Patellas and Heart. 

Penelope is an apricot and white goldendoodle.  She weighs 18 pounds and is 25% golden, 75% poodle, and has a wavy coat. She is the biggest sweetheart in the world. Tolerant, obedient, and cuddly. Her DNA testing is completely clear of genetic disorders. 

Penelope had 7 puppies last time, and we will take 6 deposits until litter size is confirmed. 

1- Srikirti

2 - Briley 

3 - Michelle & Paul

4 - Eric 

5 - Tallee H

6 - 

7 - On hold until litter size confirmed. 


Mini Cavapoos

Due Date: March 20th, 2020

This will be Poppins final litter. They'll be red with lots of white markings like their previous litter of Cavapoos. Estimated 15ish pounds full grown. Mom is 13 pounds and dad is 9 pounds, so I estimated smaller for their first litter together, but those puppies are larger than we thought. 

1 -Jennifer Kidder

2 - HOLD until litter size confirmed


F1b Mini Cavapoos

Due Date: April 1st, 2020

Our perfect, loveable, sweet, and adorable Scarlett is an F1 Cavapoo. She and Pirate are expecting a litter of puppies in mid-April.  Scarlett is 13 pounds, and Pirate is 9 pounds, so these puppies are expected to be in that 10-12ish pound range full grown.  They will be red with some white markings.  Possibly a tri-color puppy in the batch as well! 

Pick #1 - Tanya K

Pick #2 - Chris & Bayleigh

Pick #3 - Baylee T

Pick #4 - Kaitlin Ward 

What the heck does F1 and F1b mean?  

They are both very popular designations of Cavapoos!  Here is the difference:

F1 Cavapoo means that one parent is a purebred Cavalier, and the other is a purebred Poodle.  The puppies are 50% of each breed. Our poodle parents have the genetics to make even F1 Cavapoos non or low shedding with loose curls.  Perhaps this is because Cavaliers are much lower shedding than, for example, a Golden Retreiver.  So while an F1 Goldendoodle or Bernedoodle still will shed some, an F1 Cavapoo is unlikely to shed. 

F1b Cavapoo means that one parent is an F1 Cavapoo, and the other parent is a purebred Poodle.  The puppies are 25% Cavalier and 75% poodle. F1b's are a popular designation in "doodles" of all sorts, as it cuts down any possibility of shedding, and provides a little extra poodle "floof" 

PS - Even humans "shed".  All things with hair will occassionaly lose some hair and regenerate. Poodles have hair and this is how their hair is.  When I hold and pet a poodle, I don't have hair left behind on my clothes and hands.  Some dogs, like Cavaliers, have fur.  The purebreds do shed a bit.  I will sometimes have fur visible on black pants if I've had a purebred cavalier on my lap that I've been petting.  It's not an extreme amount like when I pet a Golden Retreiver or a Bernese mountain dog.  But purebred Cavaliers are considered a shedding breed with fur. 

Mini Cavapoos

Due Date: April 17th, 2020

Dixie is the sister of Dot and Daisy! 

These babies will be 12-15 pounds full grown.  Red with lots of white markings.  They will look like Teddy's previous litters with Dot, Daisy, and Poppins. 

1 - Mykelle F

2 - Candace G

3 - Tai A

4 - HOLD


F1b Mini Cavapoos

Due Date: April 25th, 2020

This is an estimated due date which I will update when Cambridge starts her heat this spring. 

Cambridge is our beautiful Blenheim F1 Cavapoo.  She is 50% cavalier and 50% Poodle.  She is 15 pounds, happy, playful, and such a good girl. She is white and red. 

Teddy is 9.5 pounds and is snuggly, sweet, loves everyone, and has a sense of humor.  He follows us everywhere and we wuuuvvv him. 

These babies will be 10-15 pounds full grown. They will all be deep red with some white markings.  They will have loose fluffy curls that are easy to maintain, and very low (if any) shedding. 

1 - Scott Greenbaum - (Prefers Male)

2 - Tulsee (Prefers Female) 

3 - Maria G (Prefers Male) 

4 - Mary G (Prefers Female) 

5 - on hold until litter size confirmed


Mini Cavapoos

Due Date: May 1st, 2020

This is Pippa's first litter!  She is a beautiful Tri-Color Cavalier who weighs 18 pounds. Pirate is a Tri-Color Toy Poodle, weighing 9 pounds. 

Both Parents carry the Tri-Color Gene (Black, White, Red), and the Blenheim (White with Red Markings) Gene. They are also both double carriers of the Parti gene, which means their babies will have lots of white markings. Based on the genetics, 3/4 should be tri-color, and 1/4 should be red/white.   

Estimating 12-15 pounds full grown. 

* Below is a photo from Kensington + Teddy's litter.  

Pippa's + Pirate's babies will look similar, but with more white markings. 


1 - Malachi R (tri female)

2 - Mary-Katherine (tri male)

3 - Jimmy H (prefers small male, tri or blenheim)

4 - Zaina (prefers tri male, tri female ok) (24 hour hold)

Mini Cavapoos

Due Date: May 5th, 2020

Ginger is our deep red 13 pound poodle who carries lots of white markings.  Player is a deep red tiiiiiny Cavalier who is 9 pounds.  These babies should stay in that smaller range, 9-12 pounds.  They'll be deep red with lots of white markings. This is an estimated due date and I'll update once Ginger goes into heat. 

1 - Megan Woodruff

2 - Brian & Julie Ramsay

3 - Lori Fowler (prefers female)

4 - Kimmy Howard

5 - on hold. 


Mini F1 Cavapoos

Due Date: May 10th, 2020

These puppies will look a lot like Teddy& Poppins, Teddy & Dots, and Teddy & Daisy's puppies! The dad is the Cavalier and the mom is the Poodle.  We do DNA testing for color and coat traits as well as health.  Health must be there for us to breed a dog, and then we get to have fun with the pairings for color markings.  The genetic color markers indicate these puppies will be red with lots of white markings. Yay!

Zoey is our darling AKC registered pure bred Mini Poodle.  She carries the parti gene (this gives the white markings in puppies), and looks like a Teddy Bear.  We adopted her as a tiny puppy, and she is funny and playful and sweet. She is 20 pounds.

She will be bred with a tiny AKC purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  He is 9 pounds, and a snuggly calm sweetheart with a gorgeous deep red coat.  

These babies are estimated to be approximately 15ish pounds full grown.  Coloring: Red with lots of white markings.  

This is an estimated due date of May 2020, with babies ready to go home July 2020. 

1- Candace Groenewege

2- Kathryn Sherlock

3- Heather Kalapodis

4- Megan Johannes 

Mini Cavapoos

Due Date: June 1st, 2020

This is the 2nd breeding between Teddy and Dot!  Red with lots of white markings. 12-15ish  pounds full grown. This photo is from their last litter. 

1 - Patti Marinovich  

2 - Melissa Pelham

3 - Erin Stahmer & Patrick Baylis

4 - Nathaly 

5 - on hold til litter size confirmed

Mini Cavapoos

Due Date: June 16th, 2020


  • AKC Pedigree

This is the second breeding between Teddy and Kensington.  A mix of tri color and red/white pups.  She had 3 of each last time!  There were 6 in that litter.  

Below is a photo of their last litter (some pups had already gone home when I took this pic). 


1 - Malachi Ray (female Tri)

2 - Sal Mingoia (male, Red or Tri)

3- Alli Mason (either gender, red)

4 - Vida Harris (Male tri)

5 - On hold until litter size is confirmed


Mini Cavapoos

Due Date: July 4th, 2020

12-15 pounds, full grown, Red with lots of white markings.  This litter will look like Teddy's litters with Daisy, Dot, and Poppins. 

1 - Kate D L

2 - Arielle K 

3 - Shawna L 

4 - Amber G 

5 - hold until litter size confirmed. 

Mini Cavapoos

Due Date: July 25th, 2020

These should be around 12ish pounds full grown, Red with lots of white markings. Expected Late July; able to go to new homes in Late Sept. 

1 - Karl Kopczynski

2 - Megan Fisher

3 - Hatice

4 - Alexandra Joel Dommel 

5 - on hold until litter size confirmed

Toy F1b Cavapoos

Due Date: September 29th, 2020

This is going to be the second breeding between these two.  Their first breeding will be born at the end of February.  Both parents are very small, so puppies will be between 7-9 pounds full grown. Lexington is a cavapoo who is 50%Cavalier and 50% Poodle.  Diego is 100% Poodle.  F1B means that a first generation Cavapoo has been bred back to a Poodle. This results in puppies that are 25%Cavalier and 75% Poodle. 

1 - Lauren S 

2 - Megan K

3 - Brittany H 

4 - On hold until litter size is confirmed. 

Mini Cavapoos

Due Date: October 3rd, 2020

This is the 2nd breeding between these 2 cute parents.  They had 5 adorable red baby girls last time.  They are on the smaller side - 9-12 pounds full grown is an estimated average. 

1 - hold

2 - Stephanie

3 - Katie Lajoie (prefers male)

4 - hold

5 - Brenda B


Mini F1 Cavapoos

Due Date: December 1st, 2020

Repeat Breeding between these two!  Their first litter is due in May/June 2020. Expected to be 12-17 pounds full grown.  Dad is 9 and Mom is 18.  Expecting 3/4 to be tri-color (Black red and white), and 1/4 to be Blenheim (Red/White)

1- Andrea S (tri-color female) 

2 - Stephanie F 

3 - Krystal S (tri male) (24 hour hold)

4 - 

Mini f1b Cavapoos

Due Date: October 28th, 2020

These cuties are having their 1st litter together in April 2020.  I predict the puppies will be a small mini size, as Scarlett is 13 pound, and Pirate is just under 9 pounds.  If timing goes as planned, these babies should be ready to go home just before Christmas 2020. 

1 - Nina Severns (prefers male, any color)

2 - 

3 - 

4 - 

Mini Cavapoos

Due Date: November 1st, 2020

Red with white markings, 12-15 pounds full grown. 

1 -  Rachel Berger 

2 - Mia Medico 

3 - 

4 - 

Mini F1B Cavapoos

Due Date: November 25th, 2020

Repeat breeding!  Their first litter is expected in April 2020.  They will be Red with white markings.  12ish pounds full grown.  

1 - Abby S

2 - Karen L  (Prefers female)

3 - Tammy M

4 - 

Mini F1 Cavapoos

Due Date: December 5th, 2020

Red with lots of white markings!  15 ish pounds full grown.  Zoey is our biggest girl at 20 pounds. Player is a 9 pound Cavalier. 

1 - Rajlaxmi

2 - Courtney H 

3 - 

4 -

5 - 

Mini F1 Cavapoos

Due Date: December 10th, 2020

Repeat Breeding.  1st litter will be born May 2020.  These puppies will be on the smaller side.  Mom is 13 pounds and dad is 9 pounds.  Puppies will be deep red with white markings.  

1 - Juliet Holt

2 - 

3 - 

4 - 

f1 Mini Cavapoos

Due Date: January 1st, 2021

Repeat Breeding! These babies are 12-15ish pounds full grown. 

1 - Angela V

2 - Kara L

3 - Brianna H

4 - Kimberly B 

5 - hold until litter size is confirmed

Mini Cavapoos

Due Date: March 1st, 2021

Repeat Breeding!  Just the cutest red/white fluff balls in the entire world! 

1 - Laura A

2 - Tiffany M

3 - Elizabeth I

4 - Yesenia (24 hour hold)