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Upcoming Litters 

When a breeding has occurred, the pairing is posted below.

Status will be updated when pregnancy is confirmed. 

The puppies from these litters are reserved from our WAITLIST, which you can join HERE. 

If I have more puppies than expected, I will post them on our Quick Adoptions Page.

I reserve the right to keep 1st pick of any litter for my

breeding program, though I don't do so often.  

Spring 2024 Planned Litters

Puppies coming home April- June 2024 (Session B)

I will continue to add to this list as mommy dogs come into heat.

Daphne & Toby

F1b Cavapoos

Red Abstract

8-13 lbs

Born Feb 3

Go Home: April 1-3

Millie & Banksy

F1 Cavapoos

Red Abstract, Blenheim

12-18 lbs

Due Apr 9 

Go Home: June 4-6

Oreo & Red

F1 Cavapoos

Red, Phantom Tri

12-18 lbs

Due April 19

Go Home: June 14-16

Cora & Fozzie

F1b Cavapoos

Red, Red Abstract

8-10 lbs full grown

Due April 26

Go Home: June 23-25

Bella & Fozzie

F1b Cavapoos

Red, Red Abstract, Blenheim

8-13 lbs full grown

Due April 27

Go Home: June 24-26

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