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  1. Missy M (F1 either gender, red solid or abstract <12lbs) 

  2. Zahra K (f1/f1b either gender, red abstract, smaller)

  3. Patti M.  (F1 girl, red abstract) 

  4. Katie S (F1 either gen, red abstract) 

  5. Chicara W (F1, Male, red abstract)

  6. Mark H (F1 either gender, light apricot) 

  7. Raquel W (F1 red abstract, male but open to female 

  8. Cassidy C (f1/f1b either gender/red with lots of white abstract)

  9. Colleen L (F1, female, red or red abstract)  

  10. Amie F (F1 Female, red abstract, tiny under 12)

  11. Julia N (F1 female, red abstract, larger 12-25) 

  12. Heather F (Male, Red or Red Abstract, larger)

  13. Danielle J (F1 female, red solid or minimal abstract)

  14. Lisa D (or goldendoodle) 

  15. Bradley S (F1 female, tri-color, chocolate tri. Oct 2021) 

  16. Precious R (F1 either gender, red abstract, Dec 21)

  17. Piper O (F1 Male, Red Abstract, lots of white large)  

  18. Kaitlin W (either gender <15lbs, or goldendoodle) 

  19. Leticia R (F1 Female Red Abstract or Apricot solid/abstr, small/med)

  20. Lisa D (F1, Female preferred, apricot)

  21. Jess S (F1b male, Red or Apricot)

  22. Natasha G (F1, Red Abstract, male) 

  23. Marlene H (F1 Female, Blenheim, any size)

  24. Leah S (Either gender, red or red abstract) 

  25. Alexandra A (female, red/apricot, small) 

  26. Sarah S (either gender, red abstract) 

  27. Robinne L (F1, Male, Red solid or slight abstract)

  28. Bobbie D (F1 male, apricot abstract, 10-12 lbs fall 21) 

  29. Haidee S (F1, female, Red Abstract, small) 

  30. Jackie O (F1 or F1b female, Blenheim, small - Jan '22) 

  31. Christina V (F1 Red Abstract Female)

  32. Joshua B (F1/F1b, either gender, Tri, Phantom, or Blenheim after Feb '22) 

  33. Adrienne M (F1/F1b Female, Red Abstract/Solid, Apricot Abstract/Solid)

  34. Tara C (Female, sable, small)

  35. Yolanda T (F1/F1b, either gender, apricot/red, solid/abstract,or goldendoodle)

  36. Kallie K (F1 male, red abstract, 12-18 lbs, after Dec 20 '21)

  37. Danette P (F1b male, red abstract, <12)

  38. Carey M (F1 female Red/Apricot, Solid/Abstract or Phantom)

  39. Linda B (F1 Female, Blenheim, Apricot solid/abstract <14lbs)

  40. Eileen V (F1b, Either Gender, Apricot Abstract, Red Abstract or Blenheim) 

  41. Paola B (F1, Female, Red Abstract)

  42. Shannon D (F1  Female, Red Solid/Abstract small, less curly, or gldndoodle)

  43. Stephane M & Marc A (F1 either gender, red abstract)

  44. Stacie M (F1 either, female pref, red/apricot abstract, larger 15+)

  45. Carol P (F1/F1b, female, red abstract, 10-18lbs, after Oct 2021)

  46. Ronia C (F1, Female, red or black abstract)

  47. Alicia C (F1, male, red/apricot solid/abstract) 

  48. Susan S-H (F1 female, Red/Apricot Solid/Abstract, any except black, <15lbs)

  49. Rhett M (F1b Female, brown/black darker coats preferred, larger, after 9/2

  50. Cathie E (F1 Female, Red solid or abstract, 10-15 lbs, after 5/21)

  51. Margaret Y (F1 Female Red/ Apricot Abstract, Blenheim) 

  52. Tia D (F1/F1b, either gender, prefers apricot but open, spring 21)

  53. Kailey J (F1/F1b, either gen, red abst, sable abst, black abs, black/tan phantom)

  54. Ariya T (f1/f1b, male, red/apricot solid/abstract, Blenheim,chocolate tri 10-15, wavy)

  55. Maggie G (f1/f1b, male, red/apricot abstract, at least 12 pounds, Oct 21)

  56. Sabrina M (f1 female, red solid/abstract preferred, or Goldendoodle) 

  57. Diane P (f1b Male, any color except white/black or black, under 12 lbs) 

  58. Sumera B (female, or goldendoodle, brown nose) 

  59. Golbie K (F1, either gen, red/apricot, solid/abstract, open to other colors, sm/med)

  60. Mack M (F1 female, red abstract) 

  61. David M (F1 female, tri, phantom, sable) 

  62. Howard W (F1/F1b, either gen, open color preferences) 

  63. Stephanie L (F1 female, Apricot Abstract/Blenheim, Oct 1, 2021)

  64. Jill H (F1 Male Red Solid or Abstract, Apr 1, 2021)

  65. Lexi S (F1, either gender, red/apricot abstract Nov 20, 2021)

  66. Korin H (F1/F1b Female, Black May 2021)

  67. Cat K (F1, either gender Red/Apricot Solid/Abstract, Blenheim, Tri, Phantom, Sable)

  68. Becca  D (F1b, either gender, Red/Apricot, Solid or Abstract, 10-20 pounds)

  69. Natacha D (F1/F1b, Male, Red/Apricot, Solid or Abstract)

  70. McKenzie H (F1 Cavapoo, either gen, red/apricot abstract or phantom. Jun 1 2021)

  71. Eve B (F1, either gen, red/apr solid/abstr, blenheim, tri, phantom, sable, Sep 8 2021)

  72. Karen L(F1b, either gen, blenheim or tri color, Dec 31, 2021)

  73. Kimberly B (F1/F1b either gen Red/Apr Solid/Abstr, Blen, Tri, Phantom, Sable, Aug 7)

  74. Christina H (f1b , either gen, red abst, apric abstr, blenheim)

  75. Kailee W (F1/F1b, Fem, red solid or abstract)

  76. David T (F1 Male, Red solid or abstract, Aug 1)

  77. Vanessa D (F1/F1b, either gen, open color preferences)

  78. John E (F1 Male, Red Abstract or Apricot Abstract)

  79. Sean R (F1 Fem, Red Solid or Abstract) 

  80. Kristen S (F1 Female, Red, Solid/Abstract, or Blenheim Aug 1, 2021)

  81. Patricia A (F1 Female, Red Abstract, 10-15 lbs, Oct 1)

  82. Carrie E(F1/F1b either gen red/apri solid/abstr, Blen (or goldendoodle) 

  83. Robin A (F1 female, Red abstract, Apricot Abstract, Blenheim July 30)

  84. Christina J (F1, either gender, Red Abstract, Apricot Solid/Abstract. Nov)

  85. Katie N (F1 either gender, apricot solid/abstract, Blenheim, June 1)

  86. Tessa M (F1/F1b either gen, apri solid/abstr, blen, tri, white/cream, Oct 31)

  87. Stephanie B (F1/F1b Fem Red/Apri Solid/Abstr Blen Tri Phantom Sable)

  88. Donald B (F1/F1b male apricot) 

  89. Wei H (f1/f1b, either gender, red abstract) 

  90. Tatyana B(F1/F1b Female, Red/Apricot Abstract) 

  91. Sharon L (F1 either gender, apricot solid or abstract)

  92. Denise R (F1 either gen, red abst, apricot abst, blenheim sep 1)

  93. Jyoti H (f1/f1b, Female, Red Abstract, Sable, Black. under 15)

  94. Alexandra P (F1b, Male Red/apricot Abstract,  10-15, or Goldendoodle)

  95. Tracy C (f1/f1b, either gender, under 15)

  96. Britta K-S (f1 female, red/apricot solid/abstract, Blenheim, tri)

  97. Christina C (f1/f1b Female, Red/Apricot, Solid/Abstract, 10-20lbs May 2022)

  98. Denise L (F1, either gen, Red Abstract, under 15, Aug '21)

  99. Michelle R (F1, either gen, Tri, Phantom, Sable, Black, under 15, July 21)

  100. Mallika S (f1/F1b, either gen, red/apr, solid/abstr 10-20)

  101. Jamye J (F1b Cavapoo, Male, Red/Apricot Abstr Under 15, June '21)

  102. Jenee G (F1, either gen, Red/Apricot Abstr, Blenheim, under 15, Oct '21)

  103. Alicia F (F1 Male, Red/Apricot Abstr, under 15, Jan '22, or goldendoodle)

  104. Alyse M (F1/F1b, either gender, red abstract <15)

  105. Parisa H (F1 Either Gen, Red Abstr, under 15)

  106. Tyler C (F1 Male, Red Abstr, Tri, Phantom, 10-20) 

  107. Holly S (F1, Female, Red solid/abstr, 10-15 May 22) 

  108. Utkrisht Y (F1, male, red/apr solid/abstr, 10-15lbs, or goldendoodle) 

  109. John EJ R (F1, female, red/apricot abstr, under 15, or goldendoodle) 

  110. Diane D (F1 Female, Red/Apricot Abstr, white/cream, any size)

  111. Kelsey G (F1, Female, Red/Apricot Abstr 10-20, June '22)

  112. Debra K (F1/F1b, either gen, Red/Apri Abst, Blenheim, <10lbs, or goldendoodle)

  113. Peter L (F1/F1b, either gender, Red Solid/Abstract, all colorings, <15lbs) 

  114. Ann P (F1/F1b Fem Red/Apr Solid/Abstr, Tri, Sable, Black 10-20lbs Jan 22) 

  115. Aleia W (F1/F1b, either gen, Red/Apr, Solid/Abstr, 10-20lbs Dec 21)

  116. Jenilee M (F1 Female, Red Abstract, under 15, May 2022)

  117. Anthony Y (F1b Cavapoo, Male, Sable, under 15) 

  118. Maria B (F1/F1b, Male, Red Abstract, 10-15 lbs) 

  119. Kai W (F1b Cavapoo Either Gender Red Abstract <10lbs, Aug '22) 

  120. Jennifer K (F1/F1b, Either Gen Red/Apr Abstr, Tri, Phantom, Sable 10-20lbs)

  121. Tori M (F1 Male, Apricot Abst, Sable, White/Cream 10-20 lbs Dec 2022)

  122. Andrea G (f1/F1b male, Apricot Solid/Abstr, Tri-Color, Phantom, Sable, Black)




  1. Lisa D (or Cavapoo) 

  2. Kaitlin W (or Cavapoo) 

  3. Yolanda T (or Cavapoo

  4. Emily B

  5. Sabrina M (or Cavapoo) 

  6. Sumera B (or Cavapoo)

  7. Carrie E (or Cavapoo) 

  8. Saul B (either gender) 

  9. Lori A (male, or Cavapoo) 

  10. Alexandra P (or Cavapoo) 

  11. Alicia F (or Cavapoo) 

  12. Utkrisht Y (or Cavapoo) 

  13. John EJ R (or Cavapoo) 

  14. Debra K (or Cavapoo) 

  15. Olivia D (either gender, <15)

  16. Shannon D (or Cavapoo) 

COLOR TERMINOLOGY :: Click HERE for a visual of each color type. 

  • Red Solid - red, without white markings

  • Apricot Solid - a light red/beige/tan color. 

  • Red Abstract - Primarily red, with white markings

  • Apricot Abstract - Primarily apricot, with white markings. 

  • Blenheim - Primarily white, with red or apricot Markings

  • Phantom - Primarily Black with distinct patches of brown/red on eyebrows, cheeks, legs)

  • Tri-Color - Black & White, with brown/red Phantom markings (see above) 

  • Black Abstract - Black with white markings

  • Sable - A "swirl" of black and red hair, as opposed to distinct separation of these colors. 

  • Sable Abstract - see above, with white markings in distinct patches.