The waitlist is approximately 1 year out.  Some color preferences will make your wait significantly less.  In general, the less specific you are about preferences, the more quickly you will be offered a puppy. Currently, red abstracts and red solids have the longest wait times. Blenheims, Tri Phantoms, and Sables, are more difficult to produce genetically, and are rare treasures. We don't have as many people specifying these less common colors, as many don't even know they are an option.  


Once a litter is born that matches your specifications, I will contact you in order of waitlist to offer you a spot in the litter.  I update the waitlist a few days after a litter is born. If you are getting a puppy from a litter that was just born, I will contact you and then take your name off of the waitlist below.  


To give you an idea of the waitlist timing, here is a ROUGH estimate of the number of Cavapoo pups I expect to be born when. 

  • Fall 2020 - estimated 10 more pups born

  • Winter 2020/2021 - estimating 25 pups born

  • Spring 2021 - estimating 25 pups born

  • Summer 2021 - estimating 25 pups born

  • Fall 2021 - estimating 25 pups born

MICROGOLDENDOODLES: Next litter expected spring/summer 2021. And then Fall 2021. We don't have as many goldendoodle litters as we do cavapoos. 


  • Red Solid - red, without white markings

  • Apricot Solid - a light red/beige/tan color. 

  • Red Abstract - Primarily red, with white markings

  • Apricot Abstract - Primarily apricot, with white markings. 

  • Blenheim - Primarily white, with red or apricot Markings

  • Phantom - Primarily Black with distinct patches of brown/red on eyebrows, cheeks, legs)

  • Tri-Color - Black & White, with brown/red Phantom markings (see above) 

  • Black Abstract - Black with white markings

  • Sable - A "swirl" of black and red hair, as opposed to distinct separation of these colors. 

  • Sable Abstract - see above, with white markings in distinct patches. 


  1. Mia M (f1 female, red abstract, blenheim or tri, small. take home after Feb 1)

  2. Tammy M (f1  female, red abstract or apricot abstract, home after mid Jan)

  3. Juliet H (female, red abstract, sable, or black abstract, 10-15lbs, home after Jan 1

  4. Angela V (f1 female, Blenheim or any color abstract - take home after mar 2021)

  5. Kara L ( red abstract female, take home after Jan 2021)

  6. Briana H (F1 either gender, red abstract take home after mid Jan)

  7. Kimberly B  (F1 female, red abstract)

  8. Emily B (F1 female, red abstract) 

  9. Tiffany M (either gender, red abstract, can take home after May 2021)

  10. Yesenia (female, red)

  11. Kristen Franklin (F1 female, tri, black abstract or sable) 

  12. Van L (f1 male, red abstract, small, take home end of Feb) 

  13. Sarah A (f1, male, red abstract, smaller) 

  14. Dayana B (f1, female, red with white markings)

  15. Adriana F (f1, either gender, red or red abstract, small 10-12) 

  16. Mark H (f1 female, apricot abstract) 

  17. Lauren M (f1 female, red or red abstract, apricot or apricot abstract) 

  18. Xelian A (f1 female, red, 10-15 lbs ) 

  19. Jamie L and Nic C (f1b red abstract, female preferred)

  20. Shantina C (F1b, male, red solid or abstract, small) 

  21. Genine P (f1 either gender, red abstract) 

  22. Cassie C (f1 female, red abstract) 

  23. Kathy G (f1b, either gender, red solid or blenheim) 

  24. Erinne G (f1 female, red abstract) 

  25. Erica M (female red abstract) 

  26. Ashley K (either gender, red abstract, tiny) 

  27. Lynette W (f1b, either gender, light tan, apricot abstract/solid or black)

  28. Courtney C (male, apricot abstract, small) 

  29. Jessica T (either gen, red abstract, tiny) 

  30. Vanessa M (male, apricot/red abstract, small) 

  31. Emily C (f1 female, red abstract, 10-15lbs)

  32. Elyse M (F1, Male, red abstract) 

  33. Esbeidy M (F1/F1b male, red abstract, small)

  34. Jennifer N (F1 female, light tan to red, any size) 

  35. Lindsey R (F1/F1b male, red abstract) 

  36. Kari M (Male, red w/white markings) 

  37. Phillip L (male f1/f1b cream, beige, light-colored apricot) 

  38. Stephanie S (male/f1/f1b cream, beige, light colored apricot) 

  39. Adriana N (f1 female, red abstract) 

  40. Christy H (f1, either gender, red solid/abstract, apricot, cream, 12-20 lbs)

  41. Brooke M (f1, either gender, any color) 

  42. Tiffany C (f1 female, red abstract 10-16lbs)

  43. Reina G (f1/f1b female, any color, pref apricot&white) 

  44. Erin S (f1/f1b female, any color, prefer red) 

  45. Tara B (f1, either gender, red/white, small)

  46. Zoey S (either gender, red abstract) 

  47. Tamanna D (F1, male, Red or Apricot, Solid or Abstract, larger) 

  48. Lindsey L (f1 male, cream/apricot, small) 

  49. Krystal S (f1 male, tri-color, possibly goldendoodle) 

  50. Brittany A (F1, either gender, red abstract, apricot abstract) 

  51. Claudia C (f1/f1b male, red abstract or solid, black, <12) 

  52. Amber T (f1/f1b male, apricot/red abstract, flexible on coloring) 

  53. Janet R (f1, either gender, red abstract) 

  54. Tiffany DG (F1b, female, red abstract) 

  55. Natalya W (f1b, either gender, any color, 10-18lbs)

  56. Janae L (F1 female, open to male, apricot/red abstract, phantom, sable) 

  57. Sarah S (F1, male, red solid, black&tan, red abstract)

  58. Cindy H (f1/f1b, male, red abstract) 

  59. Priyanka A (male goldendoodle or cavapoo)

  60. Cara C (female black or black/white) 

  61. Missy M (f1/F1b male, red or phantom, <12lbs) 

  62. Bobbie D (either gender, apricot abstract) 

  63. Jasmine P (male red abstract) 

  64. Zahra K (Female, male ok, red abstract or solid)

  65. Nicole W (F1, either gender. Red solid or abstract )

  66. Maya S (F1b, either gender, red abstract) 

  67. Chicara W (F1, Male, red abstract)

  68. Katie S  (F1 or F1b,  prefers fem, male ok, red, solid or abstract or tri)

  69. Patti M.  (F1 girl, red abstract) 

  70. Raquel W (F1 either gender red abstract) 

  71. Susan G (F1 male, then female, any coloring)

  72. Jeremy J ( or goldendoodle. Female. apricot, small) 

  73. Cassidy C (f1/f1b either gender/red abstract)

  74. Colleen L (F1 Female, Red solid or abstract, or black/white) 

  75. Brandy U (no preference)

  76. Amie F (either gender, red abstract)

  77. Julia N (female, red abstract) 

  78. Sarah J ( F1, either gender, any color) 

  79. Heather F (Male, Red or Black, larger)

  80. Danielle J (F1b female, red/apricot solid or abstract, small)

  81. Lori A (F1 Male, red abstract or Blenheim) 

  82. Ashley S (Either gender, apricot solid or abstract or white) 

  83. Lisa D (or goldendoodle) 

  84. Catherine R (Female, apricot or Blenheim) 

  85. Bradley S (F1 female, Tri-color) 

  86. Precious R (F1/F1b, either gender, Red/apricot abstract, Blenheim) 

  87. Van D (F1b Female, apricot or red. Or Goldendoodle) 

  88. Piper O (F1 Male, Red Abstract, large)  

  89. Kaitlin W (either gender <15lbs, or goldendoodle) 

  90. Leticia R (F1 Female Red Abstract or Apricot, small/med)

  91. Colleen N (Female)

  92. Lisa D (F1, Female preferred, coloring open) 

  93. Saul B (F1 or F1b, either gender, red or red abstract) 

  94. Claire S (F1 or F1b, either gender, red abstract) 

  95. Jess S (F1b or Poodle, Red or Apricot, male)

  96. Natasha G (F1, Red Abstract, male, size) 

  97. Marlene H (F1 Female, any color/size)

  98. Leah S (Either gender, red or red abstract) 

  99. Alexandra A (female, red/apricot, small) 

  100. Sarah S (either gender, red abstract, apricot, cream) 

  101. Susan W (F1 pref or F1b, female, any color)

  102. Robinne L(F1, Male, Red solid or slight abstract)

  103. Patty T (Female, red, red abstract, Blenheim, larger) 

  104. Haidee S (F1, female, Red Abstract, small) 

  105. Jackie O (F1 or F1b small, red abstract, male pref female ok)

  106. Christina V (F1/f1b, Fem, Red/Apr, Solid /Abstract <15lbs, May 2021, goldendoodle) 

  107. Elizabeth O (F1, either gender, tri-color preferred. Not black/tan) 

  108. Danielle T (F1/F1b, either gender, blenheim preferred, summer 2021)

  109. Andi S (F1, either gender, tri or sable preferred, red ok) 

  110. Danielle M (F1 Female, Red/Apricot, Solid or Abstract)

  111. Sarah A (F1/F1b, either gender, any color except solid black or b/w, smaller)

  112. Joshua B (F1/F1b, either gender, Tri or Blenheim) 

  113. Cassy W (F1, male, Blenheim, Tri, Red/Apricot, Solid or Abstract, 15-18lbs)  

  114. Ashley B (Cavapoo or Micro Goldendoodle,either gender, any color) 

  115. Carrie D (F1b, Female, Red Abstract/Solid, any color except light solid) Sep 2021

  116. John & Christine P (F1 female, Red solid or abstract or Blenheim. 12-15)

  117. Michal Z (Female, Red, small.) 

  118. Adrienne M (F1/F1b Female, Red Abstract/Solid, Apricot Abstract/Solid)

  119. Tara C (Female, no color preference, small)



  1. Jeremy J (or cavapoo. female, apricot, small) 

  2. Lisa D (or Cavapoo) 

  3. Van D (or Cavapoo, female, apricot or red.) 

  4. Kaitlin W (or Cavapoo) 

  5. Colleen N (or Cavapoo) 

  6. Lauren S

  7. Angela C 

  8. Christina V (or Cavapoo) 

  9. Ashley B (or Cavapoo) 

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