PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. I have recently transitioned to a new general waitlist system. On my old system, I used to require people to pick a specific litter on which to put a deposit. These are the names you are seeing under specific litters on my "upcoming litters" page. For clarity, I have listed these deposit holders under "Old Waitlist". The old system was problematic because we cannot accurately predict the gender, number, or color of puppies in specific litters. Thus, these deposit holders on the old system who did not get what they hoped for in a litter will get first priority on extra puppies born to other litters, as they have had their deposits down the longest. Everyone has different preferences for color and gender, so extra puppies will be offered ROUGHLY in the order below, dependent on the gender or coloring of available puppies. If you are on a specific litter, and you get what you hoped for from that litter, I will remove you from this list once your puppy has been born. If you don't get what you hoped for, I will leave you on this list to fill in for other puppies.  I will be updating this list as new litters are born, so you can all track the progress. Once those from this list have received their puppies, I will begin offering puppies to the "New Waitlist", which you will see as you keep scrolling. 


  1. Heather Kalopolis (large deep red female)
  2. Jimmy Hong (tri male)
  3. MK Hardin (tri male)
  4. Rachel Prowler (red with white markings male)
  5. Jay Chu (either gender red with white markings)
  6. Megan Klindt (white/red female, the more white the better)
  7. Scott Greenbaum (f1b red/white male)
  8. Maria Guizar (f1b red/white male)
  9. Mary Gallagher (f1b red/white female)
  10. Megan F (red/white female)
  11. Hatice A (red/white either gender)
  12. Alexandra D (red/white male)
  13. Lauren S (male)
  14. Stephanie D (small red female)
  15. Katie L (red/white male preferred, female ok)
  16. Brenda B (small red female)
  17. Rachel B (either gender, red/white)
  18. Mia M (either gender, red/white)
  19. Abby S (f1b either gender, red/white)
  20. Karen L (f1b female, red/white or white/red) 
  21. Tammy M (f1b female, red/white)
  22. Farrah H (f1b prefers female, red/white)
  23. Stephanie F (tri male but girl okay)
  24. Courtney H (female, any color, larger)
  25. Juliet H (either gender red/white)
  26. Angela V (either gender, red/white)
  27. Kara L (either gender, red/white)
  28. Briana H (male, red/white or tri)
  29. Kimberly B (female, red/white)
  30. Emily B (f1 or f1b female, red/white)
  31. Laura A (either gender, red/white)
  32. Tiffany M (male, red/white)
  33. Elizabeth I (either gender, red/white)
  34. Yesenia (female, red)
  35. Kristen Franklin (tri male or female) 

Those who have deposits on the new waitlist system are listed below. Once you are at the top of the waitlist, you can pick from our current puppies, or choose to pass and wait until one comes along you are excited about. I am estimating the first 25 on the waitlist below will get puppies who are born late 2020 - early spring 2021. Numbers 25-50 I estimate will get a puppy late spring 2021 - summer 2021. Those joining now will most likely get a puppy late summer or early fall 2021. 



  1. Van L
  2. Matt B
  3. Alyssa M
  4. Catherine B
  5. Sarah A
  6. Dayana B
  7. Jivean M
  8. Adriana F
  9. Mark H
  10. Cath S
  11. Lauren M
  12. Julianne J
  13. Nevaeh G
  14. Xelian A
  15. Jenny K
  16. Rachel C
  17. Jamie L and Nic C
  18. Shantina C
  19. Genine P
  20. Cassie C
  21. Kathy G (f1 or f1b, red with no white) 
  22. Erinne G
  23. Erica M
  24. Ashley K
  25. Lynette W
  26. Courtney C
  27. Jessica T
  28. Vanessa M
  29. Elyse M
  30. Esbeidy M
  31. Sarah S (prefers small goldendoodle, but cavapoo if not)
  32. Jennifer N
  33. Lindsey R
  34. Kari M
  35. Phillip L
  36. Stephanie S
  37. Adriana N
  38. Christy H
  39. Alissa & Moritz
  40. Brooke M
  41. Tiffany C
  42. Jeana K (or goldendoodle)
  43. Reina G
  44. Erin S
  45. Tara B
  46. Kayla G (or goldendoodle)
  47. Zoey S
  48. Tamanna D
  49. Lindsey L
  50. Krystal S
  51. Brittany A
  52. Amber T (or goldendoodle)
  53. Julia C
  54. Janet R
  55. Tiffany DG
  56. Natalya W
  57. Janae L
  58. Sarah S
  59. Cindy H (f1b male red/white)
  60. Mariana C (red or red/white either gender) 
  61. Priyanka A (male goldendoodle or cavapoo)
  62. Cara C (female black or black/white) 
  63. Missy M (male red, under 12 pounds full grown) 
  64. Bobbie D (either gender, apricot with white) 
  65. Jasmine P (male red/white) 
  66. Zahra K (Female (open to male)apricot or red (w or w/o white markings


(This list is for Penelope and Rocky Ridge's repeat litter, expected in Dec 2020) I don't do micro goldendoodles often, but this litter was too cute not to repeat! estimated 12-20 pounds full grown based on sizes of last litter. She had a litter of 9 last time. 

  1. Makenna D 
  2. Stephanie F
  3. Mariel G
  4. Sarah S (or cavapoo) 
  5. Stephanie Y
  6. Jeana K (or cavapoo) 
  7. Kayla G (or cavapoo) 
  8. Amber T (or cavapoo) 
  9. Priyanka A (male goldendoodle or cavapoo)