We are not currently accepting applications to join our waitlist. We will be accepting applications again on 

June 15, 2021

Already on the waitlist and want to update your preferences?

 You will have a chance to do this when you are high enough on the waitlist to join the

Puppy Priority Docket. Names in black are now on the puppy priority docket.

I will not update your original preferences until this time.

You can read more about the process and procedures HERE.


  1. Zoey S (F1 either gender, red abstract) 

  2. Brittany W (F1, female, red abstract, apricot abstract)

  3. Julia C (F1/F1b male Red solid/abstract)  

  4. Janet R (F1 male, red abstract) 

  5. Mark H (F1 either gender, light apricot) 

  6. Missy M (F1 male, red solid or abstract <12lbs) 

  7. Cara C (F1 female black or black/white, apricot abstract or Blenheim) 

  8. Zahra K (f1/f1b male, fem ok, apricot ab or solid, red abstract or solid)

  9. Katie S (F1 either gen, red abstract) 

  10. Jasmine P (male red abstract) 

  11. Nicole W (F1, either gender. Red solid or abstract )

  12. Chicara W (F1, Male, red abstract, apricot abstract)

  13. Patti M.  (F1 girl, red abstract) 

  14. Raquel W (F1 either gender red abstract) 

  15. Cassidy C (f1/f1b either gender/red abstract)

  16. Colleen L (F1, either gender, any color except black phantom) 

  17. Amie F (either gender, red abstract)

  18. Julia N (female, red abstract) 

  19. Heather F (Male, Red or Black, larger)

  20. Danielle J (F1 female, red/apricot solid or abstract, small)

  21. Lori A (F1 Male, red abstract or Tri

  22. Lisa D (or goldendoodle) 

  23. Bradley S (F1 female, Tri-color) 

  24. Precious R (F1/F1b, either gender, Red/apricot abstract, Blenheim) 

  25. Piper O (F1 Male, Red Abstract, large)  

  26. Kaitlin W (either gender <15lbs, or goldendoodle) 

  27. Leticia R (F1 Female Red Abstract or Apricot, small/med)

  28. Lisa D (F1, Female preferred, coloring open) 

  29. Saul B (F1 or F1b, either gender, red or red abstract) 

  30. Jess S (F1b or Poodle, Red or Apricot, male)

  31. Natasha G (F1, Red Abstract, male, size) 

  32. Marlene H (F1 Female, any color/size)

  33. Leah S (Either gender, red or red abstract) 

  34. Alexandra A (female, red/apricot, small) 

  35. Sarah S (either gender, red abstract) 

  36. Susan W (F1 pref or F1b, female, any color)

  37. Robinne L(F1, Male, Red solid or slight abstract)

  38. Erin S (f1/f1b female, any color, prefer red)

  39. Reina G (f1/f1b female, any color, pref apricot&white)

  40. Bobbie D (either gender, apricot abstract, fall 21) 

  41. Haidee S (F1, female, Red Abstract, small) 

  42. Jackie O (F1 or F1b small, red abstract, male pref female ok)

  43. Christina V (F1/f1b, Fem, Red or Apricot Abstract)

  44. Danielle T (F1/F1b, either gender, blenheim preferred, summer 2021)

  45. Danielle M (F1 Female, Red, Solid or Abstract)

  46. Joshua B (F1/F1b, either gender, Tri, Phantom, or Blenheim) 

  47. Cassy W (F1, male, Tri, Red/Apricot, Solid or Abstract, 15-18lbs)  

  48. John & Christine P (F1 female, Red solid or abstract or Blenheim/Tri. 12-15)

  49. Adrienne M (F1/F1b Female, Red Abstract/Solid, Apricot Abstract/Solid)

  50. Tara C (Female, no color preference, small)

  51. Yolanda T (F1/F1b, either gender, apricot/red, solid/abstract,or goldendoodle)

  52. Kallie K (F1/F1b, either gender, red abstract, 12-20 lbs.)

  53. Danette P (F1 male, red solid or phantom, small)

  54. Carey M (F1 either gender, Red/Apricot, Solid/Abstract or Phantom)

  55. Linda B (F1 Female, Red/Apricot Abstract or Blenheim, <14lbs)

  56. Eileen V (F1b, Either Gender, Apricot Abstract, Red Abstract or Blenheim) 

  57. Paola B (F1, Either Gender, Red Abstract)

  58. Shannon D (F1, Female, Red/Dark Apricot Solid/Abstract small, or goldendoodle)

  59. Stephane M & Marc A (F1 either gender, red abstract)

  60. Stacie M (F1 either, female pref, apricot solid/abstract, Blenheim, tricolor, Sable)

  61. Carol P (F1/F1b, either gender, red abstract, 10-18lbs, after Oct 2021)

  62. Ronia C (F1, Female, red/sable/black abstract, or tri, after 3/21)

  63. Alicia C (F1, male, red/apricot solid/abstract) 

  64. Susan S-H (F1 female, Red/Apricot Solid/Abstract, any except black, <15lbs)

  65. Rhett M (F1b Female, brown/black darker coats preferred, larger, after 9/2

  66. Cathie E (F1 Female, Red solid or abstract, 10-15 lbs, after 5/21)

  67. Margaret Y (F1 Female Red Abstract after 1/21)

  68. Tia D (F1/F1b, either gender, prefers apricot but open, spring 21)

  69. Kailey J (F1/F1b, either gen, red abst, sable abst, black abs, black/tan phantom)

  70. Ariya T (f1/f1b, male, red/apricot solid/abstract, Blenheim,chocolate tri 10-15, wavy)

  71. Maggie G (f1/f1b, male, red/apricot abstract, at least 12 pounds, Oct 21)

  72. Sabrina M (f1 female, red solid/abstract preferred, or Goldendoodle) 

  73. Diane P (f1b Male, any color except white/black or black, under 12 lbs) 

  74. Sumera B (female, or golden doodle, brown nose) 

  75. Golbie K (F1, either gen, red/apricot, solid/abstract, open to other colors, sm/med)

  76. Mack M (F1 female, red abstract) 

  77. David M (F1 female, tri, phantom, sable) 

  78. Howard W (F1/F1b, either gen, open color preferences) 

  79. Stephanie L (F1 female, Apricot Abstract/Blenheim, Oct 1, 2021)

  80. Jill H (F1 Male Red Solid or Abstract, Apr 1, 2021)

  81. Lexi S (F1, either gender, red/apricot abstract Nov 20, 2021)

  82. Korin H (F1/F1b Female, Black May 2021)

  83. Cat K (F1, either gender Red/Apricot Solid/Abstract, Blenheim, Tri, Phantom, Sable)

  84. Becca  D (F1b, either gender, Red/Apricot, Solid or Abstract, 10-20 pounds)

  85. Natacha D (F1/F1b, Male, Red/Apricot, Solid or Abstract)

  86. McKenzie H (F1 Cavapoo, either gen, red/apricot abstract or phantom. Jun 1 2021)

  87. Pearl Z (F1, Either Gender, Open Color and size preferences)

  88. Eve B (F1, either gen, red/apr solid/abstr, blenheim, tri, phantom, sable, Sep 8 2021)

  89. Karen L(F1b, either grn, blenheim or tri color, Dec 31, 2021)

  90. Kimberly B (F1/F1b either gen Red/Apr Solid/Abstr, Blen, Tri, Phantom, Sable, Aug 7)

  91. Christina H (f1b , either gen, red abst, apric abstr, blenheim)

  92. Kailee W (F1/F1b, Fem, red solid or abstract)

  93. David T (F1 Male, Red solid or abstract, Aug 1)

  94. Vanessa D (F1/F1b, either gen, open color preferences)

  95. John E (F1 Male, Red Abstract or Apricot Abstract)

  96. Alan P (F1/F1b Male, Red Abstract or Solid) 

  97. Sean R (F1 Fem, Red Solid or Abstract) 

  98. Kristen S (F1 Female, Red, Solid/Abstract, or Blenheim Aug 1, 2021)

  99. Patricia A (F1 Female, Red Abstract, 10-15 lbs, Oct 1)

  100. Carrie E(F1/F1b either gen red/apri solid/abstr, Blen (or goldendoodle) 

  101. Robin A (F1 female, Red abstract, Apricot Abstract, Blenheim July 30)

  102. Christina J (F1, either gender, Red Abstract, Apricot Solid/Abstract. Nov)

  103. Katie N (F1 either gender, apricot solid/abstract, Blenheim, June 1)

  104. Tessa M (F1/F1b either gen, apri solid/abstr, blen, tri, white/cream, Oct 31)

  105. Stephanie B (F1/F1b Fem Red/Apri Solid/Abstr Blen Tri Phantom Sable)

  106. Donald B (F1/F1b male apricot) 

  107. Wei H (f1/f1b, either gender, red abstract) 

  108. Tatyana B(F1/F1b Female, Red/Apricot Abstract) 

  109. Sharon L (F1 either gender, apricot solid or abstract)

  110. Denise R (F1 either gen, red abst, apricot abst, blenheim sep 1)

  111. Robin J (f1b either gen red solid/abstr (or goldendoodle) )



  1. Van D   (female)

  2. Colleen N (female)

  3. Lauren S (either gender)

  4. Angela C (either gender)

  5. Yolanda T (or Cavapoo

  6. Emily B

  7. Lisa D (or Cavapoo) 

  8. Kaitlin W (or Cavapoo) 

  9. Sabrina M (or Cavapoo) 

  10. Sumera B (or Cavapoo)

  11. Kayla B (female, red/apric, solid/abstr)

  12. Carrie E (or Cavapoo) 

  13. Robin Jones (or Cavapoo) 

COLOR TERMINOLOGY :: Click HERE for a visual of each color type. 

  • Red Solid - red, without white markings

  • Apricot Solid - a light red/beige/tan color. 

  • Red Abstract - Primarily red, with white markings

  • Apricot Abstract - Primarily apricot, with white markings. 

  • Blenheim - Primarily white, with red or apricot Markings

  • Phantom - Primarily Black with distinct patches of brown/red on eyebrows, cheeks, legs)

  • Tri-Color - Black & White, with brown/red Phantom markings (see above) 

  • Black Abstract - Black with white markings

  • Sable - A "swirl" of black and red hair, as opposed to distinct separation of these colors. 

  • Sable Abstract - see above, with white markings in distinct patches.