Not everyone on the Cavapoo waitlist has the same preferences with regard to gender, color, etc. In general, the less specific you are about preferences, the more quickly you will be offered a puppy. Once you are at the top of the waitlist, and a litter is born that matches your preferences, I will contact you. At this time, you can choose to join the litter, or choose to pass and keep your spot on the waitlist.  I am estimating a rough timeline below, based on the litters currently planned.


Numbers 1-25: Puppies born Fall 2020. 

Numbers 25-50: Puppies born winter 2020 - early spring 2021.

Numbers 50-75:  Puppies born late spring 2021 - summer 2021.

Numbers 75-100:  Puppies born late summer - fall 2021.

Numbers 100-125: Puppies born late fall - winter 2021. 

I got a crush on micro goldendoodles after our last Penelope + Ridge litter. I have added some future goldendoodle moms. Next litter due Oct 2020, then spring 2021, then summer 2021. 

Color Terminology: 

Red Abstract - Red with White Markings

Red Solid - Red without white markings

Blenheim - White with Red or Apricot Markings

Tri Color - Black and White, with some red on places like eyebrows, cheeks, legs. 

Black and White - Black and White with no red markings. 

Sable - A "swirl" of black and red fur, as opposed to distinct separation of these colors. 

Apricot - a light red/beige/tan color. 


  1. Heather Kalopodis (lg dark red female)

  2. Candace G ( either ) 

  3. MK Hardin (tri male)

  4. Megan K(f1b blenheim or red abstract)

  5. Lauren S (f1b male red abstract)

  6. Stephanie D (small red female)

  7. Brenda B (small red or red abstract female)

  8. Mia M (f1 or f1b female, red abstract or blenheim)

  9. Karen L (f1b female, blenheim or red abstract) 

  10. Tammy M (f1 or f1b female, red abstract or apricot abstract)

  11. Farrah H (f1b female, red abstract, Blenheim,  or black/white)

  12. Juliet H (either gender red abstract)

  13. Angela V (either gender, red abstract)

  14. Kara L (either gender, red abstract)

  15. Briana H (either gender, red abstract or tri)

  16. Kimberly B (female, red abstract )

  17. Emily B (f1 or f1b female, red abstract)

  18. Laura A (either gender, red abstract)

  19. Tiffany M (male, red abstract)

  20. Elizabeth I (either gender, red abstract)

  21. Yesenia (female, red)

  22. Kristen Franklin (either gender, tri) 

  23. Van L

  24. Matt B

  25. Alyssa M

  26. Catherine B

  27. Sarah A

  28. Dayana B

  29. Jivean M (f1b either gen)

  30. Adriana F

  31. Mark H

  32. Cath S

  33. Lauren M

  34. Nevaeh G

  35. Xelian A

  36. Jenny K

  37. Rachel C

  38. Jamie L and Nic C (f1b red abstract, female preferred)

  39. Shantina C

  40. Genine P

  41. Cassie C

  42. Kathy G (f1 or f1b, red solid) 

  43. Erinne G

  44. Erica M

  45. Ashley K

  46. Lynette W

  47. Courtney C

  48. Jessica T

  49. Vanessa M

  50. Emily C

  51. Elyse M (F1, Male, red abstract) 

  52. Esbeidy M 

  53. Sarah S (or goldendoodle)

  54. Jennifer N

  55. Lindsey R

  56. Kari M

  57. Phillip L

  58. Stephanie S

  59. Adriana N

  60. Christy H

  61. Brooke M

  62. Tiffany C

  63. Jeana K (or goldendoodle)

  64. Reina G

  65. Erin S

  66. Tara B

  67. Kayla G (or goldendoodle)

  68. Zoey S (either gender, red abstract) 

  69. Tamanna D

  70. Lindsey L

  71. Krystal S

  72. Brittany A

  73. Amber T (or goldendoodle)

  74. Claudia C

  75. Janet R

  76. Tiffany DG (F1b, female, red abstract) 

  77. Natalya W

  78. Janae L

  79. Sarah S

  80. Cindy H (f1b or F1 male red abstract)

  81. Mariana C (either gender red solid or abstract) 

  82. Priyanka A (male goldendoodle or cavapoo)

  83. Cara C (female black or black/white) 

  84. Missy M (male red, f1 or F1b under 12 pounds full grown) 

  85. Bobbie D (either gender, apricot abstract) 

  86. Jasmine P (male red abstract) 

  87. Zahra K (Female, male ok, red abstract or solid. 

  88. Nicole W (F1, either gender. Red solid or abstract )

  89. Maya S (F1b, either gender, red abstract) 

  90. Chicara W (F1, Male, red abstract)

  91. Katie S  (F1 or F1b,  prefers fem, male ok, red, solid or abstract or tri

  92. Patti M.  (F1 girl, red abstract) 

  93. Raquel W (F1 either gender red abstract) 

  94. Susan G (F1 male, then female, abstract)

  95. Jeremy J ( or goldendoodle. Female. apricot, small) 

  96. Cassidy C (f1 or f1b, either gender, red abstract)

  97. Colleen L (F1 Female, Red solid or abstract, or black/white) 

  98. Brandy U (no preference)

  99. Amie F (either gender, red abstract)

  100. Julia N (female, red abstract) 

  101. Sarah J ( F1, either gender, red abstract.) 

  102. Heather F (Male, Red or Black, larger)

  103. Danielle J (F1b female, red/apricot solid or abstract, small)

  104. Lori A (F1 Male, red abstract or Blenheim) 

  105. Ashley S (Either gender, apricot solid or abstract or white) 

  106. Karen T (any)

  107. Lisa D (or goldendoodle) 

  108. Catherine R (Female, apricot or Blenheim) 

  109. Bradley S (F1 female, Tri-color) 

  110. Precious R (F1 or F1b, either gender, Red abstract, Blenheim, Apricot  Solid or Abstract)

  111. Van D (F1b Female, apricot or red. Or Goldendoodle) 

  112. Piper O (F1 Male, Red Abstract, large)  

  113. Kaitlin W (either gender <15lbs, or goldendoodle) 

  114. Leticia R (F1 Female Red Abstract or Apricot, small/med)

  115. Colleen N (Female, Red, 10-20lbs)

  116. Lisa D (F1, Female preferred, coloring open) 

  117. Dana H (F1 Female preferred,  red abstract, tri, black)

  118. Saul B (F1 or F1b, either gender, red or red abstract) 



  1. Makenna D 

  2. Stephanie F

  3. Mariel G

  4. Sarah S (or cavapoo) 

  5. Stephanie Y

  6. Jeana K (or cavapoo) 

  7. Kayla G (or cavapoo) 

  8. Amber T (or cavapoo) 

  9. Priyanka A (male. or cavapoo) 

  10. Jeremy J (or cavapoo. female, apricot, small) 

  11. Lisa D (or Cavapoo) 

  12. Van D (or Cavapoo, female, apricot or red.) 

  13. Kaitlin W (or Cavapoo) 

  14. Colleen N (or Cavapoo) 

  15. Lauren S

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