Cavapoos are delightful little fluff balls. They are bred from a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, which has long been a calm and loving companion dog to English Royalty, and Poodles, which are known for their intelligence, happy nature, and curly non shedding coats. A well bred cavapoo is fluffy, snuggly, eager to please, easy to train, non-yappy, no-low shed with a wavy/loose curl. They are very tolerant with low aggression, which makes them excellent family pets and good for first time dog owners. Their flexible exercise needs makes them great apartment dogs. They can work up to be a running partner with you, and they are also fine with a short walk. They adore their humans, and shouldn't be left alone for long periods of time.  On average, our Cavapoos are 9-15 pounds full grown. We breed F1 and F1b Cavapoos. We take pride in breeding a

variety of colors. Here is the visual Color Terminology guide.

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F1 Cavapoos

50% Cavalier / 50% Poodle

Cavalier Parent + Poodle Parent = F1 Cavapoo

Low/No Shedding. Fluffy coat of loose curls. Most report that they do not experience allergies with F1 Cavapoos.

Below is a slideshow of our F1 Cavapoos

F1B Cavapoos

25% Cavalier / 75% Poodle

F1 Cavapoo Parent + Poodle Parent = F1b Cavapoo 

Better for those with severe allergies. Typically a slightly curlier coat and more facial resemblance to the poodle 


Below is a slideshow of our F1b Cavapoos

Micro Goldendoodles

Micro Goldendoodles tend to be 12-18 pounds full grown, and sometimes smaller. They are a multigenerational mix between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle, meaning that one or both parents has come from generations of goldendoodles. They are great for those with allergies - the poodle bred in through the generations makes the shedding almost non existent. These cute babies are another great family dog choice of a poodle mix. They are intelligent, happy, tolerant, easy to train, and do very well with children, at an easy to manage (but not easily hurt) size. 


Cavapoo vs Goldendoodle

I commonly get asked about differences between MicroGoldendoodles and Cavapoos.  


MicroGoldendoodles are under 20 pounds full grown.  Depending on the parents, and other factors, ours generally range from 12-18 pounds. 

Our Cavapoos generally range from 7-16 pounds, with the average being around 12ish pounds full grown. 


Our Microgoldendoodles are multigenerational, meaning that they have been bred from goldendoodles several generations back. Genetically, our microgoldendoodles are at least 75% poodle, sometimes more. This is ideal for non-shedding.  Golden Retrievers are very heavy shedders, so Goldendoodles really need a high percentage of poodle to be “non-shedding.” 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are a shedding breed – but not nearly as heavy shedders as a Golden Retriever. For this reason, the F1 generation (50% cavalier, 50% poodle) is very successful at creating a non-shedding cavapoo.   Many with allergies report that F1 cavapoos have not caused any sort of reaction. However, if your allergies are more severe, you may do better with an F1b Cavapoo (this means 25% Cavalier, 75% poodle).  


We have not noticed differences in temperaments between F1 and F1b generations of Cavapoo.  Both inherit intelligence, sweetness, and a strong adoration of humans. 

The goldendoodle is slightly more energetic and playful than the Cavapoo. However, my goldendoodles tend to not be much different than the Cavapoo because I choose moms who are particularly calm.  If you have an athletic family that goes hiking, running etc, the goldendoodle might be a better fit due to the golden retriever.