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Cavapoos are delightful little fluff balls. They are bred from a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, which has long been a calm and loving companion dog to English Royalty, and Poodles, which are known for their intelligence, happy nature, and curly non shedding coats. A well bred cavapoo is fluffy, snuggly, eager to please, easy to train, non-yappy, no-low shed with a wavy/loose curl. They are very tolerant with low aggression, which makes them excellent family pets and good for first time dog owners. Their flexible exercise needs makes them great apartment dogs. They can work up to be a running partner with you, and they are also fine with a short walk. They adore their humans, and shouldn't be left alone for long periods of time.  On average, our Cavapoos are

12 -16 pounds full grown. Depending on the parents and other genetic factors, they can be slightly smaller or larger than this full-grown.  We take pride in breeding a

variety of colors. Here is the visual Color Terminology guide.

F1 vs F1b 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Parent


Poodle Parent


F1 Cavapoo Puppy


F1 Cavapoo Parent


Poodle Parent


F1b Cavapoo Puppy

I commonly get asked about differences between F1 Cavapoos and F1b Cavapoos. 

The answer for my breeding program is - not much.


The only time I think an F1 vs F1b should matter to a puppy buyer, boils down to how severe your allergies are.   F1 Cavapoos tend to be great for most people with mild allergies.  If you have more severe allergies, an F1b would be a better choice.  Both generations are very low shedding. (Even humans shed, so no dog is completely non-shedding).  


All of my cavapoos are bred to have certain physical and temperamental traits. Both F1 and F1b have furnishings (poofy teddy bear face), wavy coats (sometimes slightly more loose waves or slightly more curly waves), and average 12-16 pounds in size.   Many people have the misconception that F1b Cavapoos will look more like poodles with nose, eye, ear shape and tight curls. This isn't true.  Genetic testing has advanced to the point that we have more control over which traits F1b's inherit.  


Depending on the parents, both F1 and F1b tend to be 12-16 pounds on average.  Cavalier King Charles Spaniels tend to be 12-16 pounds.  The further down the generational line we get, the more control we have over the size.  So if you want an especially small cavapoo, F1b might have a better chance of producing this size. 


Easily trainable, and incredibly tolerant, F1 and F1b Cavapoos are excellent for families with kids. Their size makes them easy to handle and travel with. They are sweet "velcro" dogs who love to follow you around and be as close to you as possible. They have flexible exercise needs. They are okay with one walk a day, and can also work up to being quite athletic if you regularly hike or run with them.   They are smart, with funny, happy personalities.  They are not great for people who want to leave a dog alone for long periods of time. They thrive on companionship. 

Photos Below

Here are a few of my grown up cavapoo puppies.  I've labeled the photos with F1 or F1b. Otherwise I bet you'd have a hard time guessing which was F1 or F1b, because even I had to go look it up to remember! 

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