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Poppins Puppy 

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Want your own?

Here's How!




Before you apply, I want you to have a good feel for what we do and the types of dogs we offer.  Please read through our FAQ's, about our Intentional, Ethical Breeding Program, and our Developmental Puppy Nursery, You could also check out our Instagram, where I document our daily lives with the puppies. You may also want to join the notification list for  Quick Adoption opportunities, that occasionally become available. 



This gives me information about you as a potential puppy owner, and also gives you an opportunity to tell me what you are looking for in a puppy.

I open the online APPLICATION  link 4 times a year.  The next opening is

Mar 1, 2024.  The link will open at 12AM midnight EST.  


When you apply, you will select a date range when you want to take your puppy home. The Sessions I will be accepting applications for on Mar 1 2024 are: 

  • July - Sept 2024 (Session C)  5 spots left

  • Oct - Dec 2024 (Session D) newly opened  

When you apply, you will also select your preferences for color, gender, and size of a puppy.  


I will accept applications based on the date range and preferences you select. I accept a conservative amount of applications for each time period. 

If your application is not accepted for the time period you request, I will let you know which time periods have availability. 



Puppies meeting the criteria below are $4800 plus UT sales tax. 

Puppies with colorings of Red Solids, Red Abstracts, Blenheims, Tris, Phantoms, Apricots, Apricot Abstracts, Cream and Black, with markings determined by Mother Nature.  They are all adorably cute. For example, If you request a red abstract puppy, I will offer you a red puppy who has white markings. These white markings will be in the adorable size, shape, and placement Mother Nature determines. The same applies to the other colorings. If you request a Blenheim puppy, I will offer you a white puppy with red or apricot markings.  These markings are wherever Mother Nature decides to put them.   

This price applies to both genders, and all generations of Cavapoos (F1/F1b etc). 

ALL of my Cavapoos are bred to have the following traits: 

  • Furnishings

This is a genetic term meaning a fluffy teddy bear face rather than a flat sleek coat of hair on the face. The furnishing trait is associated with low/no shedding breeds. Low/No shedding is usually better for people with allergies.   

  • Wavy coats.  

Sometimes the wave is a little tighter, and sometimes a little looser. It is rare to get a puppy with tight corkscrew curls that are difficult to groom.   

  • Size.  

It is very rare for one of my puppies to be over 20 pounds full grown.  Most end up in the 12-18 pound size range.  I do breed specific litters that I expect to be 10 pounds or under when they are full grown, but these are not as common.  ​

Cavapoo Coloring Types  - this visual guide will be helpful as you select color preferences on your application. 

The following special requests are an additional $1000.

  •  Puppies from 1-10 pounds full grown.  

This is based off of the parents size and the charted full-grown size of the puppy.  Full grown size can never be guaranteed. Moms of this size have very small litters.  They often require vet assisted birthing and extra medical care. Tiny puppies have a higher mortality rate, and require extra around-the-clock care from me.  I have dropper fed tiny puppies every 30 minutes for a full month. 

  • Specific size and placement of markings.

Only Mother Nature can determine where markings are placed. Requests for "one red spot over the eye", or "white socks", or "white on the tip of the tail"  etc etc is not something I can control.  


If you specify that you will only take a puppy with very specific markings, it is an extra $1000.  


If a puppy with your very specific markings is not born during the time period of your waitlist, you can request to be offered a puppy very close to your specific requests.  Or, you can move to the next waitlist time period to continue to wait. 



If your application is approved, I will send you a welcome email and a purchase agreement contract for you to complete.  I will also personally speak to you on the phone. This is a critical step for you, as there are so many scammers using my photos and videos.  Be sure not to send money to anyone claiming to be Poppins Puppies until you have spoken to me on the phone, via FaceTime to confirm that my voice and face match my Instagram.  I don't have anyone "partnering" who will speak to you.  It will only be me. 



Complete Purchase Agreement. When I receive your contract, I will give you payment information for your initial deposit of $1000. This deposit reserves your spot on the waitlist, and is not refundable. It will go toward the total purchase price of your Poppins Puppy. The total Purchase Price is $4800 plus UT sales tax. 




After you have completed a signed contract and paid the $1000 deposit, you will be added to the waitlist for the 3 month periods during which you would take a puppy home. 

The Mar 1, 2024 applications will be able to select from the following Sessions: 


  • July - Sept 2024

  • Oct - Dec 2024



If I underestimate the litter sizes and we have "extra" puppies available, they will be listed on our quick adoptions page. 


In the event that the specific gender, color, size, etc was not born during the time period you reserved, you can choose the be offered the closest puppy possible to your specifications, or to transfer your deposit to another Session. 



When a puppy is born that meets your preferences, I will email you an offer to join the litter. This email will give you details about the litter, and will inform you of your pick order. For example, two puppies were born that match your preferences.  Based on your original deposit date you will have first or second pick of the two options.  (ie: you are 2nd pick of the red females.) 

If you choose to join the litter, you will pay an additional $1000 toward the total cost of the puppy, and your deposit becomes non-transferable.


Although passing on an offer to join a litter is unusual, I will say that those who have passed have almost always said they are kicking themselves.  I do allow ONE pass during your specified waitlist time period.  If I offer to you again and you need to pass, your name will be taken off the waitlist, and the non-refundable deposits will not be refunded.  Since I make breeding decisions specifically for the waitlist, I need to be able to count on you taking home a puppy during the time period you specified.  My side of the breeding process begins many months before a litter is born. 



Sometimes, when there are large variations in color or size, this selection process is unnecessary, as the spots are offered at birth according to the specifications you selected when you joined the waitlist. For example, if you specified a solid red male puppy, and there was only one solid red male puppy born to a litter, that would be your puppy.

However, when there are multiple puppies of the same coloring and gender (ie, there are two red female puppies), you can wait until the puppies are 6 weeks old to select your specific puppy.  Some people know much earlier which puppy they want, and select before the 6 weeks. Selection is done in order of deposit received. 



This is the fun part! I share videos and photos of the puppies via instagram, so you can watch them grow and learn as we interact. The first 8 weeks are amazing in a puppy's life - the development is HUGE, and influences their responses to things their entire life. It's really bonding to get to see these formative steps in your new baby's life. 



The Puppies are preparing for you:

  • At 6-7 weeks of age, puppies visit the vet for a certified health report and vaccinations. I will disclose results of this exam to you..

  • They continue with our developmental puppy nursery program, crate training, and potty training to the litter box. 

You are preparing for your puppy:

  • Confirm flight nanny or travel arrangements to SLC Airport.

  • Purchase Supplies. For my supply suggestions click HERE.

  • Set up your puppy area.

  • Sign up for BAXTER&Bella training program using my discount code. Please start watching the videos now to prepare for bringing home puppy. This will make your experience with a new puppy much more enjoyable!

  • Send final payment. My accountant will email invoices approximately two weeks before the puppy goes home. 


You will be emailed an invoice with your final balance approximately two weeks before your puppy goes home.  You can Venmo @tarabutler, (last 4 digits of phone number is 9111). Zelle to, or mail a check.  





It's Gotcha Day! Puppies go home when they are 8 weeks old. For Cavapoos, this is an optimal age for bonding and exposure to a new environment. You can drive or fly in to SLC International Airport to pick up your puppy, or I can recommend some flight nannies, who fly in the cabin with your puppy to your local airport. I am happy to meet you at the airport with your puppy so you can fly in and out the same day.  You are responsible for the cost and planning of your travel. 


Your puppy will come to you with a goody bag that includes: their shot record, a signed examination report from my vet, a custom Poppins Puppy cuddle blankie, a soft toy, a small baggie of the food they are eating, their current schedule, and some training tips.  The bag will also include a microchip with pre-paid lifetime registration, which your vet can insert at their first appointment. (I no longer insert their microchip before they leave us, as the puppies don't have enough "meat" to hold them in securely.) Please remember to register the microchip at 

You will need to continue with 3 more rounds of vaccinations every 3 weeks, and regular de-wormings as recommended by your vet. Please remember to keep all 4 paws off the floor when your puppy goes to public places, (including the park), until their vaccinations are complete.

It's really important that you keep up with early socialization and training! The first 16 weeks of a puppies life is the most formative. I have 8 weeks - you have 8 weeks, plus a lifetime to enjoy the benefits of all the rich early experiences your puppy has had. 

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