Steps to Adoption



Before you apply, I want you to have a good feel for what we do and the types of dogs we produce. Please read through our FAQ's, about our Intentional, Ethical Breeding Program, and our Developmental Puppy Nursery, You could also check out our Instagram, where I document our daily lives with the puppies. 



Please submit an online APPLICATION.   This gives me information about you as a potential puppy owner, and also gives you an opportunity to tell me what you are looking for in a puppy. 



I review applications once a week.  If your application is approved, I will ask you to email me a signed copy of our Purchase Agreement, and I will give you payment information for making a deposit.  Your initial deposit of $500 reserves a spot on our waitlist, and is not refundable. This $500 deposit will go toward the total purchase price of a puppy.  



The current waitlist is approximately a year out.  Not everyone on the waitlist is looking for the same thing.  Genders, colors, sizes will vary. Your wait may be longer or shorter, depending on how specific you are about gender and coloring. 



When you are at the top of the waiting list, and a litter is born that matches your preferences, I will contact you to offer you a puppy in the litter.  When you decide to join the litter, you will pay an additional $500 toward the total cost of the puppy, and your deposit becomes non-transferable. (You can see upcoming litters HERE)



I share videos of the puppies almost every day via instagram, so you can watch them grow and learn as we interact. The first 8 weeks are amazing in a puppy's life - the development is HUGE, and influences their responses to things their entire life. It's really bonding to get to see these formative steps in your new baby's life. 



At 5-6 weeks of age, puppies visit vet for certified health report and vaccinations. I will disclose anything found in this exam. Specific puppies are selected, or "matched" with families in order of deposit. (Sometimes, when there are large variations in color or size, this selection process is unnecessary, as the spots are offered at birth according to specifications.) This would be a good week to order puppy supplies and review training tips



Puppies go home when they are 8 weeks of age. You can drive or fly in to SLC International Airport to pick up your puppy, or I can recommend some flight nannies, who usually charge around $500 to fly in the cabin with your puppy to your local airport. Your puppy will come to you microchipped with pre-paid lifetime registration, their shot record, vet report, blankie, toy, food, training tips, and treats.

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