Color Terminology


Red Solid - 

Don't get too hung up on the shade of red - reds can deepen or lighten as the dog grows - or it can stay exactly the same! 


Red Abstract

"abstract" means white markings


Light Red/ Dark Apricot Solid

Reds can deepen or lighten over time, so I am putting lots of shades on this guide to give you an idea of range.  


Light Red/ Dark Apricot Abstract


Apricot Solid


Apricot Abstract/Blenheim

This puppy has an even amount of white and apricot, so she sort of falls into both color categories. 


Black/Tan Phantom 

Phantom is a pattern. It means that there is a different color in the eye brows and cheeks. This is a black/tan phantom. This is a traditional Cavalier color and marking pattern that is difficult to achieve in Cavapoos - a Poodle with just the right hidden color genes is needed for this beautiful pattern to manifest. 


Apricot Abstract


Blenheim/ Red Parti 

In Poodles, "Parti" is the term used for a primarily white coat with distinct parts of the coat being a different color. Purebred cavalier King Charles spaniels this coloring are called "Blenheim" (pronounced BLEN-em) and "Red Parti" is the term used for poodles. For Cavapoos, either works. Since I began by breeding purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, I usually refer to it as Blenheim. 


Black/Tan Phantom Abstract

Those white patches make this an "abstract"


Traditional Tri-Color

Genetically, a Tri-color means that the dog has two copies of the Phantom pattern, and two copies of the Parti (white spotting) gene. This is a black/tan phantom parti. AKA "Tri-color". This is another of the 4 traditional Cavalier marking patterns - difficult to achieve in Cavapoos, and so cute! 


Chocolate Tri

That deep rich brown color is a result of two recessive genes on the B allele. This means that anywhere that would have been black is now brown. They usually inherit lighter greenish eyes as well. This puppy is a chocolate parti who also has two copies of phantom. Can you see those lighter brown eyebrows and cheeks? So pretty. So rare. Without those lighter eyebrows and cheeks, this puppy would be considered a Chocolate Parti. 


Sable Abstract

Sable comes from an Ay on the A allele. It makes a swirl of two colors rather than distinct parts of different colors. In order for sable to manifest, a dominant gene on the E allele must be present, so a sable will always have some black or rich chocolate brown swirled in. 


Sable Abstract

Look at those pretty black and red swirls! 


Black Abstract

Like a fancy black tuxedo.



Our momma Lexington is primarily white/cream, but if you look closely you'll see swirls of black and apricot in her ears and tail.