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Hello! We are the Butler Family.

Scott, Tara, Crew, Benson and Coco.

We live in the beautiful mountains of Utah. 

Our family life is built around our puppies. We raise all of our litters in our home, with our children. 

Scott is a Nurse Practitioner. I am a retired performer.

Poppins was the name of our first dog.  We named her this because I (Tara) used to sing for Disney. I also toured internationally, performing the role of Mary Poppins. 

As it turns out, Poppins was the perfect name for our responsible little Puppy Mommy/Nanny.  She loved puppies, and would help deliver, clean and nurse any dog's puppies if they'd let her.  We learned so much from her beautiful little soul.  If I'm stumped I think "what would Poppins do?"We are carrying on Poppins' tradition

of teaching and nurturing happy, healthy puppies. 

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