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F1b Cavapoo Girl

Ginger 2022-0480.jpg



Charting to be 11-12 lbs full grown

Birthdate: Mar 6, 2022

Take Home:  May 1-3

Price: $4800 


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Temperament Test Results:

Click above to learn about Temperament Testing. 


Puppy Name: CHARM


  • Recovery from Startle Response (5)

  • Approach of Strangers (3)

  • Fear of new stimuli (2)

  • Energy Level (3)

  • Watchfulness/Trainability (4)

  • Physical Response to Human Touch (5)

Ginger thinks that she is the real girlfriend of her guardian dad.  Not her 5 human sisters or her guardian mom, but her.  And really, that might be true because she is the one always on his lap cuddling as soon as he gets home from work. When she is at my house, she is in love with Scott.  She likes me okay, but LOVES Scott.  She is very smart, and we've been amazed at some of the things she notices and how she responds to them. She is very good at communicating with us. 

Frankie is the dog that everyone says "awwww" when they meet him. He is just a fluffy teddy bear, and happy, sweet, and friendly. 


All genetic health testing has been done on parents to ensure inheritable disease is not passed to offspring.

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F1b Cavapoo Girls

I'm delighted to tell you that TWO girls from our bubblegum litter are available for quick adoption.

PLEASE don't apply unless you can take a puppy home May 5-7, and have already talked to your partner etc. This will help so much as I sort through applications. 

Cambridge 2022-0646.jpg
Cambridge 2022-0653.jpg



"Juicy Fruit"


Charting to be 12-15 lbs full grown

Birthdate: Mar 11, 2022

Take Home:  May 5-7

Price: $4800 

Here's a photo of these girls with their siblings. The "Bubblegum Litter" 

Juicy is far left, and Bazooka is 3rd from the right. 

Cambridge 2022-0672.jpg


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For videos and more photos

visit our instagram @poppins_puppies  

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