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Mommy Lily


Daddy Frankie

F1 Cavapoo

F1b Cavapoo Boy


Born: June 26
Go Home: Now - Sept 7



Always the first to ask to be picked up, the most human focused of the litter. He is one of those that will not just love you but be "in love with you."


F1b Cavapoo Girl


Charting 11-13 lbs full grown

Born: June 26
Go Home: Now - Sept 30

Screen Shot 2023-08-31 at 12.01.14 PM.png

It's time for this angel to go to her new home. We are a very attached to her calm personality, her deep soulful eyes, and her affectionate ways. She is really great with kids. She is happy to play, but she's also quiet and not easily stressed. She is smart, watchful, and sensitive. She is her daddy's twin! 

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