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Quick Tips


Please activate your puppy's AKC re-unite microchip immediately! The paperwork is in your take home folder along with shot record information. You just need to go online to register the microchip that is already placed in your puppy. 


Never put your dog on the ground in a public place until they have received ALL of their vaccinations. This is the number one place that puppies contract life-threatening illnesses. Holding your dog or placing them in a shopping cart ensures that they have the best chance of staying away from major illnesses. It is important to expose your dog to new places,smells, textures, people, and sounds early on, however, do so with caution and only in clean environments. Do not let them come in contact with unknown or unvaccinated dogs. Take them for car rides. Put them in a stroller or backpack for walks around the neighborhood.


Your puppy has been given their first set of shots by the Vet at 6 weeks. Please schedule their next round of shots between 8-9 weeks at their first vet appointment. They have been de-wormed every 2 weeks, and will need to continue this schedule. Puppy diarrhea is very common because of nerves and new environments. If the diarrhea goes on for longer than a week, please speak to your vet. Puppies are very susceptible to coccidia, giardia, and parasites because of their natural flora and their susceptibility to their environment. Thus, de-worming every two weeks. 


You will need somewhere safe for your puppy to be when you are gone, whether it’s a laundry room with a pet gate, or a play pen, or a crate. Put them in there often so they will be used to it. Don’t put them in there only when you are gone, or they will associate it with you being gone and will view it negatively. So put them in there for short periods of time throughout the day when you are home. I like to put toys and treats in with them. 


Your new puppy may be sad, anxious, and unsure for a few days after bringing him home. He may not want to eat for the first day, and will need a lot of love, cuddles, and attention. It is a big adjustment to be in a new home with new people, and away from mom and littermates. We've given them experiences as young pups that will help them adjust more easily to new environments.  Over time he will become more independent. Expect some sleepless nights and to be home a lot more at first. But it will get easier! 


Groomings: As soon as they are fully vaccinated take them for a couple “puppy grooms”, this will introduce them slowly to being groomed and get them used to it. Then groom them regularly to prevent matting and keep their coats healthy and shiny. You will want to give baths, brush their teeth, trim their nails, trim their sanitary areas/eyes, clean ears etc in between groomings.


There is so much to learn about training and raising a puppy. Start young!  It is really a bonding exercise between you. There are excellent resources and training videos online like BAXTER & Bella. (Code POPPINSPUPPIES will give you 25% off)  Remember to socialize them, and sign them up for a puppy kindergarten class with a local trainer or pet store. 


Puppies are like young children, and need frequent naps. When they are tired or cranky they get mouthy/bite.  Remember to keep play and training sessions short. Then give them a chew toy and some alone time.  (Chewing is soothing to a puppy like a binky is to a baby).  A good ratio is 20 minutes of play to 40 minutes of rest. It's not a good idea to give kids free unlimited access to a puppy.  These should be short supervised sessions at first. If puppies are cranky, tired, or feel threatened, they respond they only way that comes naturally - to snap or bite. Even an extremely tolerant and gentle puppy has these instincts and will respond this way if constantly mauled. 

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